5 Different Soccer Scarf Displays Ideas


For many people, soccer scarves are an essential part of their soccer kit. They come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, and make great gifts for family and friends Soccer Scarves. While many soccer enthusiasts have multiple colorings of their own soccer scarves, some like to accentuate their favorite team’s colors with their scarves as well. Scarves can be easily embroidered, cut into, or tied with a single line or series of colors. Whether you are a fan of a local soccer team or simply enjoy the sport itself, you will find that there is a soccer scarf to fit your taste. Here are 5 ways to display your soccer scarf:

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Doorway hooks – Since these scarves are often large enough to hang on a door knob or handle, they are an excellent way to display your team’s colors. All you have to do is use a wall rod, door frame, or a long horizontally hanging stick to organize your collection. Simply bring the assorted soccer scarves you want to display up to the open door and hook them off to one side.

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You may want to bring another stick or rod so you can hang the other side of the scarf on the same hook. You don’t have to worry about color coordination since the colors of the scarves run together on the hook. This way your entire team can be seen at one glance.

Posters – A wall poster is another great way to display your soccer scarves. Use a poster mounted on the wall to create a dynamic display. If you are not sure where to hang the poster, you can purchase one at a store like Wal-Mart or Target. Some posters look great on a mantle and are large enough to dangle on a coat rack. Others work best displayed standing on a coat rack near the door. Either way, you can display your team’s colors proudly.

Dowels and hooks – The soccer scarf display I love the most is using a dowel rod and hook. These items are available at your local craft store. What you do is thread a long, narrow drape through the rod and then hang one of the scarves on each dowel rod. You can easily change the direction of the dowel rods by twisting them in different directions. You can also alternate between two colors or a variety of colors by simply changing the position of the scarves on the dowel rod. This method is easy to learn and quick to set up.

Coasters – For a soccer scarf display that is unique and creative, you can use a large coaster or coffee mug. You can drape the soccer scarves over the coaster and allow the coaster to sink into the coffee mug. You can even use the scarves to create borders or corners on a tray, cake pan, or other flat surface. This is a great activity for kids, because they can pretend they are writers or artists and you can have fun teaching them how to create borders or simple shapes.

Final Words

You can get as creative as you want when decorating with soccer scarves, just be sure to stay within the size limits that are recommended for each item. If you want to make a scarf that is longer, you can tie one end of the scarves together with a wide rubber band and hang the other end from the same rubber band. If you want to make a longer soccer scarf display, you can leave some of the ends hanging and tie a large bow around the rest of the scarf, which will create a bit of a bow effect.