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P&R Air Conditioning is located in Athens, Greece. The company that manufactures the air conditioning unit was established in 1950 by Lakshmi Lal Guindy, an automobile engineer from India. He had the dream of making an affordable unit that would cool his factory and other places that needed cooling during the summer.

Air Conditioning Offers

He succeeded in creating what we know today as the modern air conditioner. Air Conditioners are very common in Greece because they live in hot weather conditions all year long.

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Air Conditioners can be used in any area in a building such as business offices, hospitals, restaurants, computer rooms, schools, offices, and homes air conditioning Randwick. This type of conditioning unit is easy to set up, simple to use and has many added benefits like automatic temperature control, humidity, dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, and automatic on/off controls.

P&R Air Conditioning offers many models to choose from such as the Parrot PTZ Miniseries, the Ace Apartment Series, the Master Series, the Prestige Series, and many more. These air conditioning units have been tested for efficiency and comfort and are guaranteed for long life.

Air Conditioners from P&R Air Conditioning is guaranteed to save you money, time, and energy. They can also save or restore your business, home, or office. All that you need to do is contact them with your requirements and they will assist you in making your decision. Air Conditioning makes a huge difference to the comfort level of living space.