Bathroom Renovations in Newcastle


“Furnishing a bathroom isn’t just about selecting a style, color, or material. There’s a science to it that makes it an expensive venture.” That was one of my mother’s words as she poured oil into her new bathroom, referring to the hidden science behind bathroom renovations bathroom remodel. The journey of designing a new bathroom starts with a decision, an assessment, a plan. And it continues with the selection of quality products, the installation process, maintaining the look and hygiene in good condition for years to come.

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“Newcastle bathroom renovation specialists in Auckland has a combined thirty years of combined expertise in the design, building and installation of exciting bathrooms in Newcastle and the Hunter.” Well, that is not quite as impressive as the opening sentence of this article so let me try to justify the statement in a little more detail.

What I am talking about is the combination of art, science and learning that has catapulted the industry of bathroom renovations to a new high of excellence. The knowledge and skill of a highly skilled craftsman combine with the latest technology to bring you a bathroom that stands out in your neighbourhood or can even be seen from miles away. With this said, it should not be too hard to understand why this trade is gaining popularity at such a fast pace.

Bathroom Renovations

In terms of bathroom renovations in Newcastle there are many options available to those who wish to renovate their bathroom. To name just a few some of them are: the new Bathroom of Champions; the New Direction; the Rejuvenation Centre, and the Rejuvenate Collection to name just a few. With all these choices in mind, one may find themselves overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices available to them. How to sort through them and find one that will be perfect for the home they intend to keep?

To help you with this dilemma, I thought I would enlist the help of a few people whose opinions I respect greatly. My maternal grandmother grew up in North Newcastle, where she was a great big fan of the ABA School of Art. She used to tell me about how her family had redecorated their bathroom so many times over the years to keep up with the ever changing times. Through the years, the bathroom became outdated as she continued and eventually became part of the family’s history.

One of the most inspiring people, she told me about was her mother. Mrs Jones taught us girls in school how to renovate their homes and one of her favorite renovations was the one on the top of the stairs leading to the upstairs bathroom. It was a simple one made of wood with a panel at the top with two light bulbs hanging from it. It still stands to this day.

Final Words

If you want to keep your bathroom renovations looking modern my favourite advice is to go for a white washed painted look. This will give you room to play around with. Also try to avoid using any glass walls as they are usually prone to breaking, which can cause damage to the flooring underneath. Using tiles instead will make your bathroom much more versatile.