The Best Marketing Strategies of 2020

Digital Marketing

Content must be educational

77% of B2B marketers use content marketing, most of which use educational assets in which to build trust and nurture leads.  In fact, this is essential for inbound marketing such as informational blogs, quizzes or white papers.

Make marketing messages personalized

Marketers should personalize messages in 2020 and to do this they need to dig into analytics where they can get a better scope on their demographics.  Very few brands have executed this strategy which is much more complex than adding your first name to an email greeting Asigo System by Chris Munch.  You really need to know what is going on inside your client’s mind and even delve into what they wish for, want and fear.

Its a fine line though, consumers do want to feel special and some welcome this type of customization but users also don’t want to feel bombarded with information especially if it isn’t relevant to them influencer marketing agency Los Angeles.  Therefore your content should be clear, concise, and easy to understand so that users receive value each time they interact.  It’s also virtually important that you respect the user’s privacy which is critical in any digital marketing strategy.

Behavioral segmentation is the result of effective personalization.  In other words where we separate audience members into groups defined by their actions such as repeat purchases, first time purchases, page views without conversion, abandoned carts etc.

Groups can look very similar demographically but then act differently.  Behavioral segmentation allows marketers to deal with each group effectively and which makes sense as to how they interact with the brand. 

According to the wilsondesignhouse 2020 will see segmentation as a huge part of marketing.

Allow data to be the driving force to creative

The data-first approach is fast overtaking the creative design process and some of the larger companies are overhauling their original design process to reflect this.

According to experts Google and Facebook are taking more control of audience targeting as they come away from manual bidding capabilities. Algorithms are also more capable of understanding which adverts will push forward the best click-through conversions.

Original research is an investment

This will be one of your best marketing strategies – to invest in original research. It’s all about coming up with something new which must have data attracted links and well presented in order for people to share on their social media pages.  In 2019 using propriety data to create long-form content with graphics was an effective way to achieve backlinks from not just hundreds but thousands of high authority publications.

Content must be up to date

Not just new content but content that you will already have published.  Updating old content is so important as Google has a freshness ranking factor and the last thing you want is a site that has decaying content.  You may have had previous articles that ranked well and generated backlinks but now the search traffic for that one article is on a downward spiral.

The bizzebee Instead of trying to create new quality content, refresh older content.  It’s as simple as making some updates and tweaks but the most important thing is to change the date of the article.

Guest Blogging

A great way to expand your reach is by allowing other people to create content for you can really scale your content strategy.  If done correctly the articles can bring in a good amount of organic traffic and help bolster organic rankings via SEO as well as promising leads. 

More Video

It was popular in 2019 and will continue to be a must this year as well.  Videos are more effective and actually encourage a bond with consumers which will build trust and in return make them more likely to actually buy the product.  Testimonials and behind the scenes are great footage.


2019 saw a surge of shows in digital marketing in particular.  You can appear as a guest on an already established podcast or even better, start your own. These are a fantastic way to build a following that will return every week.  A great option if you are camera shy.

Make Local SEO a priority

Local SEO is a must in 2020. An effective strategy in 2019 was prioritizing and optimizing Google My Business.  It’s a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence which includes search and maps.

This is great for raising brand awareness.  A lot of businesses have claimed the Google My Business listing but it’s only a small percentage that has actually optimized it.  If you have a brick and mortar location then it’s essential for your marketing strategy so you aren’t missing out on leads and opportunities.

Voice Technology

We are all aware of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.  Voice search was a popular trend in 2019 and is set to continue.  With not only adults but now teenagers using them for various things such as help with my homework, directions, songs and many more.