Bit of Difference in Roofing Quotes


There can often be quite a bit of difference in roofing quotes, depending upon what each contracting company chooses to add to their bid oswego il roofers. This is why you really should thoroughly review all the relevant information in any roofing estimate prior to you making any kind of decision.

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Here are a few key things that should always be included in every roofing estimate, regardless of what the original quote was. All roofing estimating companies should make this data available to clients.

The difference in Roofing Quotes

As mentioned above, one of the most vital things a roofing estimate should include is the total cost of installing the new roof over the old one. Obviously, you want the new roof to be the same price that you originally paid for your home. If you can negotiate this down to anything close to that figure, then you have won half the battle.

You may also be able to negotiate some additional time to allow the roofing contractor to perform any of the work necessary such as laying shingles or painting the inside of the house.

The next thing you need to find out about the roofing estimate is exactly what materials were used to install the roof, and the total amount of time it took to complete the job. Sometimes, a roofing contractor will use only the bids received and not even look at any other bids submitted.

Final Words

Other times, they will request a bid from a competitor and then never look at any other bids from competing contractors. Make sure that all of the information is provided by the roofing contractor before you commit to any roofing estimate so that you do not accidentally send the contractor a bid that is higher than what you expected and can negotiate the price down.