Causes of Hair Loss in Women – What You Should Know About Hair Loss


For many women (like men) hair loss is a very embarrassing problem and is quick to look for possible causes of it. They might change their diets, request a doctor to conduct the medical tests, or begin buying special (expensive) shampoo to attempt to correct the effects of men’s hair removal. Often these treatments only mask the hair loss instead of dealing with what’s really causing it. This article aims to help shed some light on some of the more common causes of hair loss in women.

Dark, Dreadlocks, Help, Cry

What You Should Know About Hair Loss?

One of the most common causes for thinning hair in women is an increase in the level of hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). In as little as two months a woman can experience hair loss caused by this hormone; levels can double after that. It’s important to note that while minoxidil is a popular treatment for hair loss, it won’t work alone. You need to also use a topical cream containing 5% Minoxidil to achieve success.

Another common cause for hair loss in women is androgenetic alopecia. This means that your hair loss has no physical cause but is triggered by your genetic makeup. Women who have this type of alopecia have cells which create androgens (male hormones) called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


Minoxidil cannot help men with this condition, but using a topical antigen cream containing 5% Minoxidil can bring about some relief for women who experience shedding. By using the right combination of diet, topical treatments, and Minoxidil you can effectively fight androgenetic alopecia and help slow down the progression of balding.