Celebrate Accelerated Reader Celebrations Around the World


Accelerated Reader Celebrations is a weekly event at the High School that emphasizes the importance of reading to students. As part of this Accelerated Reader Plan, these celebrations will be decided on and presented to management at the onset of the school year.

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Students will then be expected to participate in these celebrations every week throughout the academic year, with the main celebration taking place at the end of February videos by motivation accelerate. If approved, be sure to send staff members at least a day ahead of time, so they can answer any specific questions regarding dress, etc. The events will run smoothly with the assistance of a committee of students and staff, so if you have any questions at any point during the event, feel free to ask.

Each Accelerated Reader celebration will highlight one student with a book chosen at random. Students will read from the book out loud while other students give comments and support. Be sure to identify which child is the featured reader for that week!

Accelerated Reader Celebrations Around the World

To encourage participation, you can divide the selection of books between those who need it most and those who don’t. For example, this past week’s celebration was dedicated to Book lover’s Day. With a book chosen from any genre, such as historical fiction, romance, science fiction, or graphic novels, you can have fun listening to all the selections read by the various participants. After each selection, the selected book will be awarded to the participant who had the best book.

Accelerated Reader celebrations can also take place outside of school during field trips. Your school may sponsor an event where the entire student body will get together to read a chapter of a book. You could even organize a Book Walk to raise funds for the school library. These events are a great way for students to interact while enjoying an exciting activity.

In the spirit of the Accelerated Reader celebration, you can offer a book signing at local bookstores during the month of October. Registration is required, but only two book titles will be selected per location per night. After the signing, the readers can come to your store to purchase their new favorites. After the event, your employees can organize a Book Party to celebrate the sale. Everyone is encouraged to read a book!

Final Words

No matter what event you decide to organize as part of accelerated reader celebrations, make it a day to remember. The kids will love the excitement of bidding on their favorite books. And you can have a wonderful time telling all your guests how excited you are to celebrate the first year of accelerated reader success.