Corporate Gift Basics – Creating the Perfect Food Basket With Your Corporate Gifts


Many businesses these days are opting to give corporate gifts to their loyal workforce instead of simply paying for extravagant, individual gifts Corporate Gift Ideas and Customised Corporate Gifts. In today’s age of stiff competition between companies and a desire for cost-cutting wherever possible, corporate gifting has become an increasingly popular alternative to lavish individual-based advertising campaigns.

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When a company bows to this trend, they risk alienating their current customers, alienating potential recruits in the future, and causing their business reputation to fall into negative irrelevancy. Instead of attempting to work hard to create a one-for-one correlation between corporate gifts and their intended recipients, why not instead try to strike a middle ground? How?

Corporate Gift Basics

The key to making corporate gifting work for your business is to take the time to pick out the right gift and the right time to present it. If you happen to be handing out corporate gifts at the perfect time – say during a high growth month when a new business is taking off – you are sure to have many loyal recipients who will be thrilled to receive such a generous amount right at the end of the month.

Unfortunately, if you happen to be handing out corporate gifts at the wrong time, people might receive a few less than appreciative gifts from you, instead of your hoped-for surge in business. So, the trick is to strike the right balance of high quality and low-quantity, in order to ensure that your marketing dollars go where they are best spent, with the right recipient in mind!

One sure way to strike that right balance is to create a customized food basket with your corporate gifts. This type of corporate gift allows you to present your gifts at a truly personal level, while still sending the message that you care. For example, if you’re sending a corporate gift to a newbie receptionist, you can place her with a large bag of coffee beans, a bag of snacks, and some light snacks for her to munch on as she’s working.

Final Words

As she works throughout the day, she’ll be able to enjoy this combination of soft food, along with a bit of light reading and maybe even some occasional Internet surfing, all while thinking about work. The perfect mix of entertainment and nourishment, for minimal effort!