Design Ideas For Decorative Concrete


Decorative concrete is just concrete that has some sort of interesting pattern, shape, or even design stamped into it prior to its curing that resembles that of a natural stone or brick patio. It is a recent process generally used on retaining walls, concrete patios, and concrete pool decks.

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It is not hard to make decorative concrete and design out of any kind of concrete or other sturdy material. The decorative concrete you can design for your project can be the replacement of bricks and concrete slabs or it can be the introduction of something new into the area you are working in.

Decorative Concrete

It can be stained into many colors but not all of them may be easy to clean like say a stained brick or stone patio would be and not all decorative concrete is actually stained for decorative purposes and some of them may use additives to achieve different colors. Some decorative concrete may have borders added to it to simulate the look

of wood or brick or marble. These decorative borders can be made from concrete too or pre-pasted materials like crushed stone or slate. When it comes to designing with decorative concrete, there are a plethora of options, and some contractors may even be able to design a completely custom pattern for you as long as you supply them with the correct colored aggregate, cement, and water stones for the project. There are also many options for the various textures that can be used on the surface of the decorative concrete.

One good thing about decorative concrete is that they do cost less than other types of solid surfaces like brick, mortar and stone that are commonly used in construction projects. Also it is much easier to clean decorative concrete than any other types of solid surface. However, if you are planning on installing decorative concrete yourself, be sure to hire in the assistance of a contractor who has experience in using decorative concrete and design to their advantage.

Final Words

You could end up wasting the entire day trying to level a sidewalk or make repairs to a pool coping. Always consult with your contractor before embarking on a decorative concrete project so that you will not waste valuable time and effort on something that won’t work out the way you want it to.