Employment Law Solicitors in Dublin


Employment law solicitors in Dublin specialize in handling all aspects of employment related issues. It is a highly specialized field as the laws governing workers’ rights and the employment relationship in Ireland are very complex. Employment law solicitors have to ensure that their clients receive the rights to which they are entitled, regardless of where they work. When it comes to setting their fees, this is one of the first areas of negotiation.

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Employment law solicitors in Dublin handle cases that deal with issues surrounding unfair dismissal, redundancy pay, maternity leave, recruitment and selection, dismissal, and harassment medical negligence solicitors Dublin-free consultation. These issues can vary widely between member states of the European Union. In general, however, all member states of the EU set minimum standards of working conditions for employees. When an employee feels that he has been unfairly dismissed, he has the right to compensation.

Law Solicitors in Dublin

Employment law solicitors in Dublin specialize in employment contract disputes. Many employers and employee representatives in Ireland have difficulty agreeing upon the terms and conditions of employment. The result is a lot of conflicts, which hinders cooperation between both sides. Employment law solicitors in Dublin can represent the aggrieved parties and help them to arbitrate their cases. They can also mediate in negotiations between management and employees. These negotiations might involve minor changes to the terms and conditions of an employment agreement.

Employment law solicitors in Dublin can also deal with issues surrounding equal opportunity for men and women. Sometimes, discrimination occurs against both male and female employees when it comes to terms and conditions of employment. Some other employment-related problems include maternity leave, harassment, dismissal and redundancy pay. Such cases can take quite some time before being settled.

Employment law can be complex and technical. There are certain laws which apply only to certain situations. In Ireland, the Social Development Department regulates employment law. A professional solicitor who is fluent in the English language is highly recommended for handling such legal matters.

Before hiring an employment solicitor in Dublin, it is advisable to make inquiries about his/her fees. It is important to select solicitors who work in your area of expertise so that you can be sure of getting the best service. Most employment law solicitors in Dublin offer free consultation to potential clients. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this free consultation.

It is very important to ensure that you have a proper understanding of employment law in Ireland. This is because specific areas of the law apply to people based in different sectors. For instance, laws that govern workers’ compensation, dismissal, recruitment and overtime regulations will differ from those governing contractors. In addition, different Employment Agencies in Ireland operate under separate laws. In order to know the exact laws that govern your company, you will need to contact every Department for labor and employment in Dublin. Contacting them directly will give you a complete overview of the procedures that are required in every sector in Ireland.

Final Words

Employment law in Ireland is continuously evolving and changing. This is why it is advisable to get the services of an experienced lawyer who is aware of the latest developments in the labor market. It is advisable to go for a solicitor who specializes in employment related cases. Lawyers with specialized knowledge on employment issues are better able to guide their clients regarding employment related issues such as discrimination, occupational hazards, maternity and paternity issues, dismissal, redundancy, whistle blowing, and other employment related matters.