Energy Efficient Commercial Roofing


“At Tri-State Exteriors, we are dedicated to helping our customers to feel confident and secure when they are in their homes roofer near me. We provide the latest technology and the best selection to keep your home beautiful and secure. At Tri-State Exteriors, our goal is to create a one-stop-shop where our customers can find just what they need and save time and money while doing so.” said Amy Cowen, Executive Vice President of Tri-State Exterior.

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Whether your roof is suffering storm damage or just in need of a fresh coat of paint, turn to Fort Wayne roofers for reliable roof replacement or repairs. At Tri-State Exteriors, we are dedicated to keeping our clients happy and our reputation among the community’s consumers intact. “We take pride in working with our clients to help them design an attractive roof that will protect their home and their families from natural elements like wind, sun, snow, and ice,” said Cowen.

“It is our customers’ utmost responsibility to make sure their home is properly protected against inclement weather. With our variety of roofing services and materials, it is important to us to provide the very best in customer service, as we believe that our work reflects that.”

No matter what you’re in need of from a Fort Wayne roofing company, there’s a solution waiting for you Tri-State Exteriors. The company is committed to providing its customers with quality workmanship, competitive prices, quality products, and friendly, professional service. Fort Wayne exteriors is more than a roofing company; it’s a community!

Efficient Commercial Roofing

Fort Wayne roofing company offers a full assortment of services including solar roofing technology, commercial-grade roller, and shingle roofs, slate roofs, wood shakes, and wind roofs, metal roofing, and many more. Fort Wayne roofing company uses the latest cutting-edge technology to give its customers the most durable, efficient, beautiful, aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, and environmentally sound products available. They even offer a full line of eco-friendly products, including solar panels and wind turbines. As a member of the National Green Building Council, the roofers at Fort Wayne understand that green building takes precedence over conventional methods because green buildings provide safety, comfort, functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics. Green roof construction reduces noise and provides insulation.

As a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), the city of Fort Wayne is an active member of the association of commercial roofing manufacturers, NSPE. The commercial roofing division in Fort Wayne is constantly evaluating new technologies and innovative approaches to reduce installation costs and increase productivity. The commercial roof industry is estimated to be worth nearly six billion dollars in North America alone, with a huge portion of that coming from small businesses that are looking for ways to reduce their overhead and operational costs. With more business owners looking for ways to improve the appearance and performance of their facilities, they’re more interested in trying newer products and strategies to lower energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. One of the most important things that small businesses can do to improve the environment is to install energy-efficient roofs on their commercial properties.

Final Words

One of the newest approaches to improving energy efficiency was recently announced by the Fort Wayne roofing division, which is using thermodynamics to determine how much heat loss occurs. This will help them improve the design of future roofs, as well as making the most of any materials or coatings that are used in the structure. New innovations in this field have helped make the green movement popular, as it is gaining widespread support from a number of industrial sectors including construction, education, and medicine.