Ensuring That The Job Is Done Right With T DK High Voltage Capacitors


The company TDK (The Danish Board of Standards) has been around for many years and they are the leading provider of high voltage capacitors. T DK offers a variety of different capacitors for a variety of applications in all industries including the industrial, residential and marine sectors. The company t DK is primarily based in Denmark but ships worldwide with the main manufacturing plant located in Germany. Capacitors have been used in conjunction with circuit protection to provide added safety and extra reliability and the quality of a T DK product is guaranteed as long as the application is undertaken in accordance with the strict European Safety Standards.

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For application in electrical panel applications, the T DK brand includes a range of T DK high voltage capacitors that include the following options. Firstly there is the T DK amp 600 vac rating that is designed for low energy input signals and is suitable for low power switching loads such as the life of an AMP or unprotected 12V power cord running to an outdoor APC outlet.

T DK High Voltage Capacitors

Secondly, there is the T DK pole component rated at over 500V that is suitable for high power switching and continuous long-term service even in the harshest environments. Finally, there is the T DK short circuit breaker that is rated at less than 150V and is suitable for applications where protection against power surges is essential for doorknob capacitors. All of these products are available with a ten-year or lifetime warranty and are manufactured to international quality standards, ensuring that the devices will continue to provide reliable service for the foreseeable future.

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Another important feature provided by the T DK brand is the inclusion of a single-piece supercapacitor, the common fuse. This is capable of handling a large single-shot application and will ensure that there is always a power source available for when one is required. When combined with the T DK circuit breaker the common fuse can offer the additional security that is required when installing a power system to an individual property. With the safety features incorporated into both the T DK brand and the common capacitor the combination of strength, power-saving, and added protection can make the product very desirable for many different applications.