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There are many different Epsom salt uses. It can be used for its ability to absorb minerals, act as a diuretic and a laxative. It also helps to relieve pressure on your kidneys by dissolving excess deposits in the body and the urinary tract epsom salt uses. However, Epsom salt must be taken properly or it will cause unwanted side effects. For this reason, you should only take Epsom salt as directed on the packaging.

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Epsom Salt Uses

One of Epsom salt uses is in the relief of cramps and the associated pain. Because the salt dissolves any blockages in the cells of the body, it is a great remedy for constipation and has also been proven effective against kidney stones and the gallbladder. In fact, in India and Africa, the eastern world’s most widely used remedy for constipation is made from the Epsom powder that is ground and mixed with water, milk, and Epsom salt. The combination works very effectively as a laxative and an energizer and is also good for those who are suffering from diarrhea.

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In addition to the above Epsom salt uses, there are many other uses. It is commonly used in skincare products, bath salts, as well as a good remedy for diaper rash. You can sprinkle it on your food or even mix it in your laundry to restore the lost moisture after washing. Its uses are almost endless, but just remember that you need to use it carefully or you may cause yourself harm.