Features of a Car Subwoofer


A car subwoofer is a vital component of any car audio system. Today’s car subwoofer needs to be extremely powerful to handle even the low notes clearly. They tend to be, for the most part, placed in the trunk or boot of a car and utilized as a part of the vehicle’s entertainment system as well. However, they certainly are not THE most powerful system available. But which are the best car subwoofer for deep basking?

Car Subwoofer

There are many factors to consider when choosing a car subwoofer. Most important is the price point. The best subwoofers can easily exceed a thousand dollars and can come in any configuration you would like. However, there are many brands on the market that offer great quality at price points that most people can afford. It is best to shop around a bit and carefully evaluate the different models offered so you can find the one that suits your needs, budget and tastes.

Sundown Audio, Sundown Audio Car Audio

If you are looking for a car subwoofer with ample power, then you should definitely check out the 4 orion hcca12 series. If you plan to use your car as a radio station or music player, then the amplifier power is going to be important. This is why the amplifier wattage plays such a crucial role. Many of these amps come with crossovers that can handle all sorts of frequencies and power levels from high to low best subwoofer for car. This allows the speaker to easily handle bass sounds from the best possible sources and not lose the clarity that good music deserves.

If you are still looking for the best 12-inch subwoofer that offers excellent performance, then you should know about JL Audio’s latest designs. The latest JL audio products come in a number of different options, which include surround speakers that are ideal for home or work. These come in four unique flavors namely JL Audio XLS, JL Audio XSB, JL Audio SH-Wulf XLS and JL Audio SH-Wulf XS. What makes this company’s latest designs stand out is that they use a dual tweeter for smoother high frequencies.

One of the more common features that consumers look for in a car subwoofer is its durability and light show. In fact, it is not hard to find a few people complaining about the fact that their subwoofers start to look frayed after only a few months of use. Luckily, JL Audio has taken steps to address this concern.

They have introduced the line of car subwoofers called the Vanish Longer Life. The Vanish line boasts a long list of durability awards from top-grade manufacturers and so consumers feel rest assured knowing that this is one of the best quality subwoofers that JL Audio has ever produced. Another advantage of the Vanish line is that it comes with a textured aluminum frame which makes it easier to assemble without using any screws or rivets.

It is also important that you check your amplifier and its RMS power rating when choosing a car subwoofer. The RMS stands for random speed monitoring and it is the amount of time taken for each cycle of the sound wave to reach the speaker.

Car audio amplifiers that have a high RMS will ensure that the subwoofer can keep up with the fast pace of sound waves and so you get maximum performance from your system. JL Audio RMS amplifiers are particularly good because they can handle high subwoofer power handling capabilities without getting into excessive thermal conditions.