Finding the Right Real Estate Broker in Alberta


With the recent economic downturn in Alberta, there are more business brokers coming forward with new and innovative ways to help business people succeed in their businesses.

Real Estate Broker in Alberta

The top business brokers in Alberta are starting to realize the importance of creating an open line of communication with both clients and real estate agents Tyler Tysdal. This helps to provide clients with the necessary information when it comes to financing options, negotiating leases, or even handling the closing process.

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There are many business brokers in Alberta who have created websites where they can provide valuable information on real estate, finance, mortgages and entrepreneurs. These websites have gone a long way to create awareness among potential clients and to increase business for brokerage firms. For instance, Craig Listing Service has over 80 properties listed in Calgary and Edmonton. Most business brokers do not have access to this huge database.

Another business broker in Alberta is Paul Owen, the former CEO of REO Properties. When he left his position as CEO, he hired other people such as marketing executives and real estate brokers to help him run the company better. One of those employees was Steve Loman, the current Executive Vice-President of the Edmonton International Airport. Since then, Loman has been helping business people understand how the airport business model works.

Owen and other business brokers in Alberta have also worked closely with local and provincial governments to assist them in the procurement of needed land and construction materials. This includes helping business brokers obtain the property loan they need from financial institutions or banks in order to launch or expand their business ventures. Because of this, many Albertans are able to enjoy attractive real estate deals because they were able to secure financial assistance from lenders.

As one of the few Alberta business brokers, who is recognized within the business community, Owen is considered an expert in his field. He is also well-regarded as an expert in the acquisition and development of new business ventures.

In addition to his business expertise, Owen also understands the importance of marketing in the real estate industry. He believes that the key to success lies in identifying the right buyers for a particular property and then developing a marketing plan that will help attract these buyers.

Real estate brokers in Alberta have a unique position in the world of business. While other business professionals have been laid off or have gone out of business, these individuals are actually leaving behind a valuable tool – the skill of selling real estate.

Real estate brokers can help a business person sells his or her property and can even develop a strategic plan that can help guide the business through the many stages of development. With so many resources available, business owners are likely to find an outstanding real estate broker in Alberta to serve their needs.