Houston, Miami Flight Renovations, And An Hurricanes Relief Package


As if being stuck in Florida during Hurricane Wilma wasn’t bad enough, now you have to deal with Tropical Storm Harvey and the Hurricane Energy Barriers. As if that was not enough.

Houston, Miami Flight Renovations

Now you will find yourself having to deal with the crazy media circus and all the empty promises from the Mayor of Houston and the Governor of Texas. How long can you stay glued to your TV?

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I have been wondering when the media hype will stop and people will start to take seriously the warnings that the City of Houston has issued houston private airports. In fact, they issued a serious threat to not only the South Florida area, but the entire State of Texas as well.

Of course, after Hurricane Wilma, all hell broke loose and everyone from the Mayor to Governor Perry and everyone on the news shows seemed to forget what they were talking about. This really made me wonder when they started issuing their warnings in the first place.

It seems that the media loves to build these disasters and feed them into the public imagination. But that is not the case in Houston. The City of Houston has been hit hard by Hurricane Rita, but people were quickly able to restore the city to a state of normality. So when the Mayor stated, “The City of Houston is prepared”, he may have mis-read his words. Of course they are prepared for Tropical Storm and the Hurricane Energy Barriers that have been set up around the city.

The Miami Beach Channel is now open and the good news is that the City of Miami Beach has opened the flood gates and is welcoming visitors again! But now the Miami Beach Channel has closed because the sea level has risen so fast and many of the low lying areas are flooded. So what does that mean to those who are visiting Miami Beach? Well, for the most part those who visit will not be affected and those who are already there should not be worried at all.

If you do not want to wait out in the water and weather then you should probably rethink your trip. Or if you do not mind weather conditions then you can book your flight over at your local Miami airport. You can also stay over in the hotel that you are staying in and use the hotel pool. Many hotels offer air conditioned rooms and you can use them during the Tropical Storm. The hotel staff can even make trips back and forth to the Miami Beach to visit with family and friends.

So as you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to dealing with a Tropical Storm in the Miami area. Make sure you review your plan before making any final decisions and remember to not let panic and despair set in. Enjoy yourself, shop, eat and relax. You should be back in Miami over the weekend.