How Do Client Relationship Management and Retirement Planning Differ?


Both an investment advisor and a financial planner are similar in that they assist you in managing your financial assets, but the roles they play differ in some prominent ways. An investment advisor helps you with managing your financial investments and securities you so that you will have a sound investment portfolio.

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They help you identify and buy assets that suit your specific goals and objectives. A financial planner helps you set up and run your personal finances but does not actually handle your investments or securities. The two professionals may work closely together to formulate a solid financial strategy that will benefit you throughout your lifetime.

A certified financial planner, on the other hand, works with your legal and tax advisers to help you develop and implement an estate plan so you can ensure your family has adequate funds after you die.

There are several ways these two professionals can work together to help you achieve your financial goals with Luke Montaine. A certified financial planner typically uses tools such as financial modeling, financial planning, and financial planning software, to help you create an effective investing strategy. Certified financial planners can also assist you in the creation of your retirement plan.

Client Relationship Management and Retirement Planning

They can assist you in determining the proper mix of investments you should make when planning for your retirement. A financial advisor can also give you advice about how to properly structure your estate plan so you will be prepared for your golden years. They can also help you obtain the best tax breaks available to you through investment strategies and planning.

Certified financial planners also work with their clients to set up an effective investment portfolio for them. Some certified financial planners will even help their clients change their investment strategies if they do not meet the goals initially set by their clients. The main difference between a certified financial planner and an investment advisor is that the latter can offer advice to clients even if the client already does own stocks or other securities, whereas the former can only advise a client on what types of securities to buy or sell.

Final Words

While financial planners can be helpful to all clients, those with higher educational degrees such as law, medicine, or engineering can also be employed by firms providing investment advice.