How Does Dcinox Make Your Babies Smoother?


Denture Liners provides dentinosis sufferers the ultimate comfort with a new technology that improves the health of your baby’s gums. Dentinosis is caused by the breakdown of the protective layers of your baby’s gums, known as the dentin layer. Over time, these layers begin to thin and/or break down. This causes plaque to develop on your baby’s teeth, which results in cavities and unsightly gaps. The Denture Liner is a natural solution to the problem. It works by protecting and nourishing your baby’s gums.

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Dcinox Make Your Babies Smoother

Denture Liners are used as liners between the cheeks and along the sides of the mouth. They can also be used to protect areas around the eyes dentitox. Using the liners, as well as the nourishing dry skin lotion, the dentin baby scalp oil nourishes and soothes dry skin, reduces inflammation, and restores elasticity to damaged areas. It is a powerful formula for softening and moisturizing dry skin, reducing irritation, preventing blemishes and acne, and eliminating flakiness. It contains an effective blend of nourishing plant oils and essential nutrients that work together to provide a comprehensive source of vitamins and essential fatty acids that are vital for healthy skin.

Global Marketing Director for Dentinox Americas Mark Zucherberg told reporters that using the Liner in the baby-care category was one of their biggest successes thus far. He went on to say that the product is designed to soften and soothe your baby’s gums so that they don’t crack or become irritated when they eat or rub.

Final Words

Zucherberg did not give specifics, but he said about 65 percent of his sales are in the baby-care category alone. Another important point regarding the Liner was that it serves as a barrier between your baby and whatever else in the house gets into his mouth by serving as a sort of “sponge.” As far as how dentin becomes part of the baby-care category, Zucherberg said, “Dcinol has really taken off in the baby-care category.”