How Hypnosis Can Boost Your Brain Power – And Use It To Its Full Potential


What are the Raikov Effect and how can you use it to your advantage? The Raikov Effect (RIA) is a type of neurology that applies many well-known neurological techniques to improve your overall cognitive ability and capabilities in all facets including playing musical instruments, sports, master your character and personality.

Forward, Now, Yes, Consent, Agree

You have probably heard about the famous Russian pianist, Vasili Oschepkov, and his extraordinary story about the birth of his first child, Alexios. Alexios was born with a physical disability that caused him to stand indefinitely, and he was unable to walk. His parents, desperate for help, decided to sell their only baby into the arms of an elderly man who had been helping out with their traveling expenses.

How Hypnosis Can Boost Your Brain Power

At first the old man did not want to take on a lame duckling and so he told them that he would pay any price for their son, but they refused, explaining that their only baby was going to be born soon. But, afraid that if they lost this beautiful and precious baby, they would never be able to buy him again, they agreed.

As a result, the old man made a complete recovery, and Alexios was born the following day. All this story is so full of goodness, and the Raikov Effect can apply to you if you set yourself up with the proper beliefs, or if you believe in the power of positive thinking.

I know what you are thinking

This sounds wonderful, and I believe that the Raikov Effect exists, because my own life has shown me just that. Ten minutes after reading the book, The Think Baby book by Dr. Joseph Price, I found myself having excellent ideas and thoughts, and they just kept coming.

My IQ was higher than normal, and I was able to recall every detail of the stories in the book, and remember solving problems quickly. After reading it, I started to wonder if maybe the Raikov Effect exists, and why on earth didn’t more people bother to teach this technique to themselves? Wasn’t it supposed to be invented by geniuses?

Well, if you’re one of the few who has actually seen the wonderful effects the Raikov effect works on, you’ll know that it can be pretty mind-blowing. And you will also know how it can change your life.

It has transformed the lives of my friends and family and allowed them to enjoy life more fully and fulfill their dreams much more quickly than they might have done otherwise. So, if you think you’re slow, or if you find it difficult to get things done, you really should consider getting hold of The Think Baby book.

The great thing about the Raikov effect is that it will work on all levels, improving mental abilities and overall confidence levels. This is because it forces you to look at your whole brain, rather than focusing on a specific part of it. It’s not just about increasing your brainpower.

It’s about improving the way you perceive yourself and others. This can have far-reaching implications, helping to improve relationships, career prospects, self-esteem, happiness and even help prevent certain diseases.

There are many places online where you can read about the Raikov effect and learn about the benefits of learning hypnosis from an expert. But I wouldn’t go the route most people do, and that’s to buy the whole “you are your brain’s best friend” rubbish that’s out there.


You need to learn how hypnosis can actually help you to use your mind in powerful and positive ways. By doing this, you’ll be able to tap into your subconscious mind and make it work in ways it was never meant to. Using hypnosis to boost your brainpower is as real as having a coach like Tony Robbins working alongside you.