How Is Wagyu Beef Raised?


It seems that everywhere you turn, you hear how is Wagyu beef raised? There are books, magazines, TV shows and web sites all explain how wonderful beef from Wagyu is. For some reason, the question of how Wagyu is raised seems to get a little lost in the mix. It appears that most of us have a better understanding of how cows are raised than how is Wagyu beef raised. So, let’s cover both.

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First of all, what is wagyu beef?

The English translation for this word is “westward bound,” which gives us an idea that this breed was developed in Japan in the late 1890s. At that time, cattle were being raised in paddies on hillsides with small fences so that they can be walked over to their markets what is Waqgyu beef. This is a very dry and arid climate. In order for cattle to grow in this environment, they need to be watered constantly, fed regularly, and allowed to wander, not just in their natural environment, but also on a treadmill if needed.

A number of years ago, the cattle were given drugs to help them keep up with the demands of the dry environment, but the drug had a strange side effect – the more water they were given, the lower their appetite became! It was determined that the cattle were not given enough water because they were not being given classical music. It was determined that in order for the cattle to grow to their full size, they would need to be played classical music.

So the next time you see a wagyu steak, don’t wonder what it is. Instead, try and figure out how that beef is created and then eat a bite. This Japanese beef has a tasty flavor that goes beyond traditional beef. Even though this may sound unusual, it is a very healthy food that is full of vitamins and protein.

Wagyu Beef Raised?

The way how wagyu beef is raised does not just involve giving the cows sufficient amounts of water. There are a number of other steps that go into properly raising a high quality beef. The first is feeding. Cows need all the vitamins and nutrients that are available in their milk in order to grow properly. However, there are certain elements that a cow cannot have, such as intramuscular fat. So the first step is to include this important component in the feed that the cows are given.

There is a large variety of beef available in Japan. Some is organic, some is local, and the remainder is a cross of the two. The beef that is best sought after, whether for consumption as a rare steak, is the one that is raised in a sanitary environment where the animals are allowed to roam freely and feed from their own waste.

Final Words

Wagyu beef is a name that is synonymous with high quality and low fat. Because of the high standards that have been used to rate the beef, many consumers who have tried this meat will be willing to pay more for it than any other variety on the market today.