Log Home Restoration – Before Restoration Comes Consideration (Before You Build Or Buy)


Log Home Restoration is an issue of time. Time before that current finish, caulking, chinking, or other woodwork will need attention. Some of the issues that occur that require restoration could be avoided altogether if the possible log homeowner knew exactly what to look for before buying that dream home. Consider the following before building or buying your log house.

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While water is a major issue with log homes, sunlight is as much an issue, if not more so than water Roof Restoration Northern Penrith. The sun (UV rays) can lead to irreversible harm to the logs and any wood for that matter in a relatively short time period. Wood before it is cut down and milled has moisture in the form of water, sap, oils, etc., in it. Once cut and milled it begins to dry out. As it dries, it is going to shrink and split resulting in”tests” or cracks.

Log Home Restoration

This is where the problem can start. After the tests have opened up, water can get in and above a time period mold and mildew will begin to grow and the wood will rot. Also, wet and rotting wood is food for insects. Rotten logs are the homeowner’s biggest problem and best expense. To avoid these issues, a few things should be taken into consideration when building or buying a log home.

Every log home, without exception should be built high enough off the ground so that water can not”dab” on the logs. A minimum of 3 feet from the logs into the floor should be sufficient. Buteven higher is better. Next, roof over hangs (eves) ought to be no longer than 24 inches to keep rain water off the logs. This would keep the two biggest enemies, sun and water, from the logs.

Final Words

Among the largest problems with log houses is dab off of decks onto the logs. There really is not any fantastic solution for this problem other than putting a roof over the deck such as mentioned previously together with the wrap around porch. This will solve the issue but sometimes it may not be practical or the homeowner might only like sunning out to the deck or looking up through the night and seeing the stars.