Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions Ontario


The Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions Ontario is responsible for providing all the required assistance to persons with psychiatric addictions. The organization was established in 1988 with a mandate to provide comprehensive services that focus on prevention, early identification, effective treatment and maintenance of the addict in recovery.

Ministry of Mental Health

The ministry has offices in all the regions of Ontario. It provides treatment for all types of psychological disorders, including but not limited to: bipolar and manic depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and psychotic disorders.

Anxiety, Stress, Depression

There are several treatment options available in the Addiction Treatment Centers of Ontario including Out-patient Care (OTC), In-patient Care (IP), Short Term Drug Treatment (STTR), inpatient rehab and community recovery programs health issues. All the programs are specialized in meeting the specific needs of the addict.

OTC is generally recognized as a short-term or a residential program. Out-patient care is generally for individuals who can manage their medication on their own and can be obtained without the need for insurance or other coverage. Inpatient care is for persons requiring specialized treatment due to their drug dependency.

The main aim of the Addiction Treatment Centers of Ontario is to ensure complete recovery from the addiction. They offer specialized facilities based on the requirement of the patient. There are detoxification centers, day care services, medical clinics, residential treatment centers, long-term residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs. The programs offer complete treatment to the patients in a holistic manner. The holistic treatment approach involves both medication and therapy.

The Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions Ontario supports the following programs. The Long-term Treatment Program (LTP), a three-year residential treatment facility for patients with serious psychiatric disorders, is provided by the Addiction Treatment Centres of Ontario.

The Long-term Treatment program is suitable for persons who have developed a dependency on alcohol or drugs and require specialized care from an addiction therapist. The counseling and behavioral therapies that are offered by the LTP cater to the needs of the patient. The counseling component of the program helps the patient to deal with emotional, physical, and psychological problems that are related to the addiction.

The ministry also has a helpline that is manned by trained counselors who evaluate the severity of the addiction and recommend appropriate treatment. The ministry offers a variety of other programs as well. The ministry sponsors events such as the Spirit Keeps Alive Festival that draws hundreds of people to the organization’s facilities where they can partake in activities such as art exhibits, film presentations, poetry reading, music performances and workshops.

Other events such as the Saving Children’s Weekend and the Ontario Music Festival feature musical presentations and activities that appeal to children and families. For adults, the ministry sponsors the Ontario Wine Trail and the Escape to Alberta events that bring individuals and families together.

The Addiction Treatment Centers of the ministry aim at connecting those in need with the right resources and those who can help them overcome their addiction. If you or somebody you know are looking for the same thing, then contact the ministry of mental health and Addiction Ontario.

This ministry understands the problem very well and is committed to working hard towards reaching out to those who are in need. The ministry also strives to create awareness about addiction and its adverse effects.