Namecheap Domain Registration and Web Hosting – What You Need to Know


You can save a significant amount of money by hosting your domain registration and web hosting with the same company best australian domain registrar. Although it’s more than possible to host your domain registration and web hosting elsewhere, the best option is to maintain your site hosting and domain registration in one location.

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This is especially advantageous for several different reasons including bundles all costs together; maintains consistency among the site, web, and domain registration; reduces or eliminates software problems associated with multiple hosting locations; and maintains business continuity.

This article will outline some of the common reasons why you may choose to host your domain registration and web hosting in one location. The reasons are intended to explain how by doing so, you are able to benefit from many of the same benefits offered by,, or another domain extension.

Namecheap Domain Registration

One of the primary reasons to host your domain registration and hosting services in one location is to reduce the number of changes and updates that you need to make. When you host your domain registration and hosting services at a different location, there are typically a number of things that change and update simultaneously. This causes a number of issues such as security risks, updates, etc., and it can disrupt the smooth running of your online business operations.

Another reason to maintain your domain registration services at one location is to simplify the technical support process. Many people underestimate the amount of technical assistance that they actually need from their web host provider.

As an example, if your domain name registration services are hosted at a particular web host company, but you notice that the technical support that you receive is less than satisfactory, you’re not going to feel confident enough to ask questions regarding important issues, or you might even be discouraged from using the hosting service in the first place because of the high level of technical support that is given to the web host company.

By hosting your domain registration and hosting services at one location, you can eliminate many of the potential problems that you might have as well as make it easier for you to access the appropriate support personnel should you need to get help with any issues that you’re experiencing. You should also be able to easily reach the person or persons responsible for supporting your domain name registration and hosting services if you experience any glitches or other problems in the functionality of the site.

One last benefit of hosting your domain registration and hosting services at one location is that it can streamline the entire registration process. This means that the entire registration process can be completed in a much more timely fashion.

If you were to have all of your domain names hosted on a number of separate locations, such as in a number of different places such as a domain parking server, you would likely have to complete the registration process more than once. However, by hosting your domain registration and hosting services at a single location, you can cut the time down to just a few minutes or at least significantly less.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, when you use a hosting company that offers Namecheap, you are effectively getting a discount. Simply put, domain parking can end up costing you quite a bit of money each year.

If you want to avoid paying these high prices each year, you’ll likely be better served by simply purchasing all of your domain names at one time from a reputable hosting provider like Namecheap. In this way, you will not only be saving yourself some money in annual fees, but you will also be making a much more informed decision regarding which domain registrar or hosting company to use as well as which hosting plan to go with as a result.

Overall, Namecheap makes it far easier to manage all of your domain accounts, which can lead to a more productive and easier time managing your websites as well. Namecheap is a great domain registration and hosting service that you should definitely check out.

Final Words

This is one of the major benefits of using Namecheap, as opposed to other options available. If you’ve been struggling to find affordable hosting and domain registration, you’ll likely be interested in taking a look at Namecheap as a way to address some of these problems.