Photography Poses Can Make All The Difference


Photography is an art more than it is a skill, since it takes so much interpretation and subjective judgment. This has been the biggest fear and most challenging aspect to master when first started in wedding photography. I can remember sitting on my father’s knee with a camera trying to figure out the lighting and posing. I have learned many things about photography over the years, from shooting my first picture to winning my first photography competition. My aim was to become the best photographer that I could be. To achieve this, there are several important points that I must cover.

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The first thing that I must stress in wedding photographers is that the photographs should reflect the couple’s personalities. Wedding photography should be a celebration of love, not the human condition. Wedding photography poses should not be overly posed or overly complicated, but rather taken with a natural expression on the subjects’ faces.

Photography Poses Can Make

Many photographers will take the photography so seriously that they completely miss the joy of the moment by being too uptight and focused on the technical side. To keep the photographs fresh and enjoyable for the couples, wedding photography poses should be chosen with care and attention.

A big part of wedding photography involves choosing the right photography for the bride and groom. I have found that the best pictures come from wedding poses that showcase the happiness and beauty of the couple. I have found that the bride and groom have usually the best instincts when it comes to choosing their best photography. They get involved in every phase of the photography and are often the ones asking the photographer the toughest questions about the photography.

I think the key to unique wedding photography pose ideas is to ask the couple what they want. Most people do not like to think about what they want. By asking them, the photographer gets some insight into the way they see themselves. The result is usually better shots that capture both the beauty and uniqueness of the couple. Many couples want the same shots, but few can find a unique idea that captures the magic between them. It is not always easy to capture something so different, but if you truly want a different angle on the shots, then you need to ask the couple.

Another great thing that can make for great wedding photography poses is having the bride and groom lean back in the photos. This allows them to feel comfortable and relaxed while still being able to see the view. Many times when the brides and grooms sit hunched over in the photos, they tend to hunch their back and the rest of the picture slips away. By having the bride and groom lean back, the pose looks less stiff and more relaxing. A couple that is comfortable can trust the photos to capture a more natural feeling and relax in the photos.

As an accompaniment to the bride and groom’s excellent selection of wedding photography poses, the photographer should also offer the couple encouraging words. They can simply be some encouraging words to help the couple to refocus their attention on the camera if they get caught off guard or if they start to lose themselves in the moment.

Final Words

These words can be encouraging and motivational to the couple and give them a bit of extra encouragement during the portrait shoot. If the photographer catches them straining to remember their words, then he or she has done his or her job well by capturing the moments as they occur.