Rock Garden in Chunnu and Ganga Maya Park


The Rock Garden in Chunnu and Ganga Maya Park Darjeeling are recent additions to the scenic hilly region of Darjeeling in West Bengal, India rock garden in darjeeling. It has been an attraction for tourists ever since it was established in 1986.

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It is intended to attract tourists by its scenic beauty, natural attraction, and rich flora and fauna. It has been featured in films and on television. Now, it has been promoted as a tourist destination worthy of a visit by both long-term and short-stay tourists.

Rock Garden in Chunnu

The rock garden was built by conservationists headed by Dr. Subir Ghosal, who had earlier worked with the late Dr. Benickers in their commission to build the world’s first aquarium.

Dr. Subir Ghosal is from a family of conservationists. He got the idea to construct the rock garden after visiting the Ganges River in India and having a close look at the ecosystem.

He realized that there was an untapped resource there waiting for people to use and explore. Over the past several years, hundreds of local as well as international tourists have come to visit the garden and take a walk around.

The Ganga, which flows through the park, has many streams, small canals and small rock pools, all of which are important habitat for many river birds and animals. The park also has a protected breeding ground for millions of migratory birds.

Final Words

Several groups of ecotourism enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and trekkers visit the park regularly. They have developed a special bond with the local population, which appreciates their help in preserving the environment and preserving the wildlife. Tourism has become another revenue source for the park.