Roofing Over Existing Roof


When deciding whether or not to remove an existing roof, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. Do homeowners who want to replace their roofs need to completely remove existing roofing?

Existing Roof

Under certain circumstances, such as where granular materials were used in the construction of the roof, the code requires that removal is done. If one of these circumstances exists, the code also requires that the new roofing is installed over the same top layer of the old roof.

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Do homeowners who want to install new insulation have to remove their existing roof? Under local building regulations, your existing roof must be removed and the installation of insulation must commence.

In order to get this job done properly, it’s important that the existing roof is thoroughly cleaned and any nails used for installation be replaced with stainless steel nails Roofing Company. You may also need to drill into the roof surface and use ratchet straps to secure the newly installed insulation. While ratcheting straps may seem like a good idea, they can cause damage to the roof.

Are there slopes in my yard? Often when there are slopes in a yard, existing roofs can easily slip on these slopes and slide down. Depending upon the size and shape of your home, it’s possible that the majority of your roofing can slide off the sides of your house when there’s a mild slope. If your roofing is made from asphalt shingles, you can often help to repair the damage by placing felt under the edges of the slope, then taping it down to protect it.

How are new shingles different than traditional roofing? Traditional roofing consists of nails or screws being placed in a hole, which then creates a tight seal. Newer technology allows for much more flexibility with regards to how the nails are driven into the roofing material. Nails are now much stronger, which allows for them to be driven in at a much greater depth. When you re-roof, you’ll want to make sure that the nails are driven deeply into the asphalt.

Are there any features I need to consider when choosing a roofing product? There are many different roofing products available today, including both traditional and modern materials like shakes, granite, clay, tiles, metals and many others. Before purchasing any particular product, you should do some research and educate yourself about the differences in the different types of roofing so that you’ll know what you’re getting into before making the final purchase.

Are there any other issues with my roof that would affect a roof replacement? Any other issues with your roof that you’ve identified during the roofing project will also need to be addressed during a re-roofing job. These include issues such as a steep driveway, poor slope, missing or cracked shingles, or other roofing materials.