The Best Way to Trailer Train Your Horse


When you are ready to load your horse to go up the hill or to join friends for a nice ride, then the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether it will willingly get in.

Drive, Digger, Excavator, Engine, Heavy

As it’s nearly confirmed that the horse is larger than you are (unless you are Hoss Cartwright or the Hulk), then the chances of you pushing or pulling, it is where you desire it is slim to none.

1 approach to train a trail horse to enter a trailer would be to walk in before the creature holding a number of its favorite treat or food hgv training lancashire. Something like a little bucket of oats, a handful of alfalfa, a lump of sugar, apple, or industrial horse treats ought to work nicely for this. That is a two-person operation to start with.

Load Your Horse the Simple Way

Ensure you’ve got a door in the front of this trailer, or some other opening, which means you can safely escape the trailer when the animal is in. Once you have gotten into the trailer turn about and face the creature, then show them with the treat in your hands or even the bucket.

Let them get a bit of a taste or odor so they are interested, then slowly walk backward until you have them all the way in the trailer. Don’t forget to always stay calm, since they may smell or sense fear or nervousness.

At this point, you can have someone else near the door behind them so they do not back out. You can, if necessary, secure the animal to a tap ring now. Once the animal has gotten used for this, and it’ll take a few times for this to take place, you can simply set the treat at the front end of the trailer prior to opening the doorways to load the animal.

A second way, if you have a good bond with the horse, would be to simply sit in the front end of the trailer and whistle, or use anything signal your horse is used to, then sit and pet or nuzzle them to make them feel comfortable.


Again always be certain you have a safe exit hole or door, just if the creature gets spooked. This way may take a little longer, however it reduces the number of snacks that your horse gets, and if weight is a problem this is a fantastic thing.