The Most Popular Types Of Door Locks


There are many types of door locks available to the consumer, but it is important that you know your options before purchasing a lock. The first and most popular type is the knob lock. Knob locks are by far the most popular type of lock and the main method of locking for most doors.

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Types Of Door Locks

Generally, all knob locks have two keys; one that goes into the keyhole and one that are held within the housing Redwood City locksmith. These types of door locks can be found in the usual places, such as on the handle or inside the door frame. Many cam locks also come with matching sets of cabinet and furniture kits.

Next, there are two types of interior wall mounted locks. One is the type that you place on the exterior of the door, while the other is the type that is installed within the wall. Most interior wall mounted locks install into the studs and then require two keys to operate from the outside. They have a key that is placed into the center hole, while the latch bolt is installed into the interior of the frame. These types of locks can be found in a variety of hardware stores and home improvement outlets.

Final Words

Finally, there are three types of exterior night latches. One locks itself around the exterior side of the door, while two locks cylinder systems are used on each of the interior sides. The first type of exterior night latch is a one-way cylinder system, while the second type features a multi-point locking system. All three types are effective at preventing burglars from entering a home.