The Way to Write Your Memoir in Five Life-Changing Steps

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Without reflection, life is just a series of events connected by time best training institute in Dubai. Like salmon, we get so immersed in swimming we do not see how choices and circumstances became a story with a plot and a stage.

With reflection, we view the past because the gift rolled out for understanding and the current as the past rolled up for actions. Make a time traveler. Explore yesterday through the rear-view mirror of today.

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Step 1We never forget what is worth remembering. But some memories like to play hide and seek with us. Photographs are windows into our memories. Find one that captured something in your past which is still very much alive in you today.

Memoirs Change Lives – Review

Step 2: Create a rough outline of your memoir by recording each thought and feeling which comes to mind while studying the picture Connect these ideas and feelings with lines to show their connections and comparative importance. This brainstorming tree or thoughts map is the fundamental framework of your memoir.

Step 3: Transform your rough outline into a rough draft. Put some psychological meat on the bones of the framework. But do not edit your thoughts and feelings while researching them. The ability of your memoir must come from your heart, not your mind. Therefore don’t pick at the feathers of your bird while it’s attempting to sing; which can cause writer’s block. Just free write your way out of 1 portion of the rough outline to the next.

Step 4: Edit your rough draft to make a powerful, shiny memoir with battle, conflict, climax, selection, outcome, change and closing. The energy comes from your heart — the emotional depth of your memory. The polish comes in the head — the psychological field of culling and clarifying every word, sentence and paragraph so your readers encounter something valuable for their lives.

Measure 5: Yesterday bore today and today will birth tomorrow. Weave yesterday and today into tomorrow your lifetime, despite its ups and downs, slides into home plate having an ecstatic”Wow, what a ride!”


Alice discovered a Wonderland by following a rabbit down its hole and Dorothy found a Wizard by following the yellow brick road. Both came back changed and you will also by adhering to a vivid memory to yesterday. Revisit the heroes of your own life. One of them is you. Write a life-changing memoir.