Understanding Different Types of Commercial Concrete Sealer


If you are planning to revamp your business, you should first consider the option of investing in a commercial concrete sealer for your plant to see commercial concrete services in Sacramento, California. This type of sealer is important because it protects your business from damages and it even provides a certain amount of aesthetic value to it.

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However, before purchasing a commercial concrete sealer, you need to understand the various types of products available. Below are some of the common types of commercial concrete sealers you can find in the market today.

Types of Commercial Concrete Sealer

First are the water-based sealers that can help provide a certain level of protection for concrete and for floors in general. These types of sealers rely on a particular type of emulsifier, which is primarily used to increase the effectiveness of the emulsifier. These types of sealers can also produce superior results compared to other types of sealers.

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Next are the penetrating sealers that rely on an aluminum oxide block with a crystalline texture. These types of commercial concrete sealer use a unique way of penetrating concrete and this results in greater protection. The downside of using this type of commercial concrete sealer is its slower application process. It also requires regular application. However, if you want a strong seal on concrete, this may be a good option for you.