Using a Horse Run in Shed As a Portable Home


A horse run in shed can be an affordable solution to provide a secure enclosure to your how fast can a horse run with a rider. With enough room, even the smallest portable shed is capable of housing any sized breed of horse, and can also be used to safely house cattle, goats, donkeys, and any other livestock. Also protected on three sides by a wire decking and open on the fourth side, animals can enter and exit as needed without fear of being trapped or harmed. This is the most common use of horse run in sheds.

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While many animals need a secure place to sleep, some do not. If you own any breeds of large breed horses, then a horse run in the shed will provide the much needed space for a tack room. This space will allow the horse to sleep soundly and relax, allowing you to work on the horse without having to worry about it getting out and injuring itself. An enclosure such as this also keeps the horse contained when you are unable to get to it, for example, while you are barn watching.

Using a Horse Run in Shed

When using a horse run in shed for shelter, you will need to purchase metal roofing. This should be weatherproof and rust-proof, but also allow sunlight through when it is needed. Your choice of metal roof material should complement the siding of your shed and blend in well with the rest of the outside architecture of your property. Preferably, metal roofs will be installed on galvanized steel bases and roofs, but if money is tight, vinyl might work well. However, it is important that the metal roofing is galvanized to prevent galvanized nails from corroding the metal.

For a horse run in shed to function effectively, batten siding is important. The siding will provide the structure around the metal roof, keeping the horse and the animals in the shed safe and secure. The siding will be either painted or powder coated, so it will last for years without rotting or rusting. However, painting can be messy and difficult, especially if you are planning to paint the entire structure. Powder coating can work extremely well, though, as long as you are careful with the painting and the type of powder coating you choose to use.

To keep the animals comfortable and safe in a horse run in shed, you will need some sort of ventilation system, whether it is natural or artificial. There should be air circulating inside the shed to help keep the horses fresh and prevent them from sweating. Ventilation systems should be controlled by removing floorboards and using skylights instead. Proper ventilation will also keep the smell from lingering in the area long after the horse is done breeding. Keep in mind that ventilation may not be possible with metal barn structures, so you may need to install some type of heating system. The horses will be uncomfortable during the winter, so providing a warm, dry place for them to sleep will help keep them healthy.

Final Words

A horse run-in the shed does not have to be large just to provide shelter for your horses. You can set one up in your backyard if you have the space. Providing an extra space where you can house your animals will allow you to spend more time with them and enjoy them even more. Providing shelter for your horses will ensure their health and happiness for many years to come, giving you more time to enjoy your family and work outside with your pet.