Washington State Coins


Washington State has a long history with coins. Although the state’s coinage was started in the early colonial times, it was not until the Second World War that they began to acquire a significant number of coins. The coins that are most often collected are the Washington State Silver dollar, American eagle coins, and coins celebrating the states’ national holidays.

State Coins

These coins also include half-dollars, thirds, quarters, and pennies. However, there is a great deal of interest in collecting coins from foreign countries, particularly those that were made during the period known as the Golden Era.

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A challenge coin, also known as a medallion or small coin, is normally a small decorative coin, often with the insignia of a unit or organization and carried by each member of the group challengecoins4less. Historically, challenge coins were often presented by unit leaders in recognition of exceptional achievement by an individual member of their unit.

This tradition continues today and after receiving the coins, service members may present them at ceremonies or other occasions. Many of these coins bear the names of notable individuals who have been honored for outstanding service to the country.

Many members of the military enjoy collecting challenge coins. One of the most popular military challenge coins is the US Navy coins. Other popular military challenge coins are the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps coins. As a hobby, challenge coins make great gifts.

They can be presented as a gift to a service member who has received special recognition for outstanding performance or as a remembrance of a special period in the lives of those who are living in the military. Since receiving these coins, many service members have continued to serve to this day.