7 Reasons Why Your Website Design Needs To Be Attractive And Engaging

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Creating a responsive web design is the most important factor when you are starting off with your online business Gekkoshot web design. A web design that grabs their user’s attention and makes them want to stay on your webpage, would ultimately improve chances of making a sale.

An interactive Web Design would help your business gain trust and credibility in the market.

Here are the 7 reasons collected by the Hawaa Web team about why you should focus on creating an attractive and engaging website design.      

1. First Point of Engagement

When it comes to Websites, people tend to judge the book by its cover. This might be wrong but it’s true. No matter how great your content is or how good your services are, if your website design doesn’t look and feel good, people just don’t want to stick around and do business with you. So, make sure that your website design is attractive and engages the audience as soon as they land on any of its pages.   

2. Promotes your Business/Brand

You can use your web design to promote your business. This is where you need to bring out your creative side and think about the ways that you can use to match your website design to the products and services that you are selling SEO Company New York City. You can use logos, images, and visuals that represent your business. When you do this, your website becomes a part of your marketing mix which is great for business/brand promotion.   

3. Helps you Interact with your Audience

Interactive Web Designs are all about making people want to stay and interact with your website. When your website is designed well, it would include certain UI elements that people would need to interact with. You want to make these UI elements as elegant as possible to maximize that user experience on your website. This way, you’d be interacting with your audience as they navigate around your website. A good website design looks great, but a great website design feels great as well from the user’s perspective.       

4. Generates More leads

The goal with Web Design is to grab your visitor’s attention in a way that makes them want to stay on the website. Now, when you have a website with great user experience, people tend to stick around more and explore your products and services. If they like something, they feel good about contacting you. Now, if you have a poorly designed website, people don’t even want to stay on it, let alone do business with it. You’ll get more leads with an effective Web design which would mean better chances of making a sale.  

5. Helps with your SEO efforts

SEO is not just about content and the backlinks anymore. Web Design have also become an important part of search engine optimization. Google and all the search engines prefer website with better UX and put them on the top. The websites that are great for the desktop and look awesome on mobile devices as well, they have a better chance of getting ranked than their competition.   

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6. Helps Build Trust

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7. Easy Navigation  

A good website design improves user navigation. Websites with a basic Website design doesn’t have easy navigation features Branding Agency Perth. Easy navigation would mean that the users can easily find what they are looking for. They shouldn’t have to scroll down paragraphs of texts to find their required piece of information.


A good Web Design would put the things that provide value to the user at user’s fingertips. They can easily access of navigate through each section of the website without having to go through much trouble.