Wildflower Seeds Cards – A New Idea For Your Holiday Season?


The most recent trend regarding the art of creating Christmas cards is to include a wildflower seeds photo, or more accurately, wild meadow mix Canadian Tire. This year is Canadian Tire season! Canadian Tire is an iconic icon of our nation; whether it is used on our currency, our license plates, or our roadside billboards and ads. So it should not be too strange that we are using these very same wildflower seeds to create our Christmas cards.

Dandelion, Plant, Close Up, Macro

Wildflower Seeds Cards

The first step is to purchase one of many wildflower photo cards available on the market today. These cards are generally printed on eco-friendly glossy paper and feature a detailed image of a wildflower plant. The front side of the card features the standard info, such as the plant’s botanical name, its geographic location, and a few other details. The backside includes a large image of the wildflower in a landscape-type format, with a detailed description below the image. There are often several prints available for the price of one card.

Final Words

If you prefer to order your wildflower seeds online, there are many websites where you can do this. Some sites offer photos of real plants, while others provide a list of plants with information about them. Some sites offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. So whatever you wish to do, whether it be ordering one in a store near you, ordering online, or looking for wildflower seeds at home, all of these options are available to you!