Winter and Roofs: Things to Look for After the Storm


Roof building and maintenance is extremely important and though a roof is generally warrantied for as many as 20+ years-there is obviously the unanticipated weather event that may cause a mess on your homes roofing.

Winter and Roofs

All these”Acts of God”, neglect from preceding roofers, or preceding homeowners may accumulate chimney sweep columbus ohio. There are occasions when the only year to year-wear and tear may shorten the life span of a 20 or even 30-year roof. Fundamentally, your roofing requires a beating so that you have to keep your roof and get it inspected every few years with a professional roofing company or house restoration firm.

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Sophisticated roof systems are vulnerable to this rapid temperature fluctuations and harsh weather roof repair. It’s necessary to do a little bit of self-assessment particularly after winter storms-but do not crawl to the roof , leave this to a professional roofer.

Frequent Winter Roof Issues:

Ice Damns – If ice and snow soil onto a roof-the roof is generally heat from inside heat-if night temperatures fall rapidly the snow can occasionally form an ice-cream on the roof or down Bellingham roofing company. The water then chooses the route of least resistance, under the roofing system or through flashings (sheet metal attached and shaped to a roof to power and weather-proofing) which aren’t, designed to deal with this sort of rust overload.

Should this happen, costly inside water damage may occur-such as complete wood flooring replacement or dry-wall replacement-or a comprehensive home recovery. This can at times be visually detected or if you’re experiencing an inside leak-call a well-respected roofer immediately.

Skylights -Skylights usually get coated with snow and ice following a significant storm-which can cause leaking. The drainage system or weep holes become blocked with ice and snow and condensation can not escape, causing water to build up and flow into the house. If you can’t see out your skylight- you want to have the ice and snow removed from round the skylight. Be sure that the contractor knows that there are skylights-so that they do not hurt them if they’re buried by a great deal of snow.

But when water damage is extensive enough to justify entire roof replacement the fix can be exceedingly pricey. We urge frequent roof inspections to fix missing or broken shingles; in order to prevent such costly repairs from your future-especially following major weather events, or even a very hot summer.

When selecting a professional roofer, be certain that they’re now Haag accredited. Haag is the most commonly honored roof certificate in America. Most professionals must give a complimentary roof inspection and quote too.