Wrapping a Car With Tape


The first step to wrap a car with a tape job is to prepare the surface you want your tape to be applied on auto mechanic tools and equipment. I will assume here that we are dealing with the front of a car, because if you have an exotic car, you may need to use the same technique on the back (even if you don’t own an exotic car).

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The basic method of preparation is to clean the surfaces of the car with a degreaser or similar product, then use an old soft to apply a generous coating of degreaser/rubber compound to the entire surface, leaving it dry for at least an hour. This will prevent the compound from penetrating into the interior of the car, although some residue will still remain.

Wrapping a Car

After the surface has been prepared, take a sheet of paper or plastic and fold it in half. Four-inch wide pieces of the plastic should be sufficient, you can use regular office paper or even scrapbook paper if you prefer. One small door in the center should be folded in half along the two opposite sides of this opening, and the two pages should be aligned so that they form a triangle. The inside part of the triangle should be left clear for the adhesive to adhere to, the side portions can be filled in later as necessary.

Final Words

The next step in wrapping a car tool is to remove any accessories, such as pool covers, cables, wires, straps, etc. Use a marker or pen to write down the model number and serial numbers of all the required accessories onto the plastic sheets. Next, it is time to take out the tools you wish to wrap and set aside the ones you do not wish to display on your car. You can now attach the colored plastic strips to the remaining accessories, making sure they are all properly aligned and firmly secured.