Yarn Bee Crochet – The Basics of Your Hobby


Yarn Bee and Seedling of America are great yarns that combine comfort with affordability. Both these yarns are great for making anything from rugs, sweaters, throws, scarves, blankets, jumpers, hats and a lot more.

Yarn Bee Crochet

One thing that sets these two yarns apart is their “grow” feature. If you need an extra yard of yarn, just simply cut a little bit off of each square inch and add it to your existing yarn. That is why they are so popular!

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The very first square of each yard of yarn is called a skewer. Once the skewer has completely through the square of yarn, you will then need to take your own tiny round cap and wrap it around the skewer a few times. This will make a secure knot, which will help secure your square of yarn even further strikkegarn. Once the square of yarn has been wrapped around the round cap many times, you will need to take a second skewer and wrap it around the original square again.

Now it is time to start crocheting the squares. Start by crocheting a treble stitch at the base of the first looped square. Hold the needle with the yarn tight against your hook, so that you do not snag any of the yarn strands when you pull the needle through the next loop. Then hold the needle with the hook even further, so that it snuggly gets between the first and second stitches. When the needle is pulled through the next loop, the yarn tightens around the hook.

Now begin to double crochet the first round of the row with the yarn tight against your hook. Make sure to not get any slipped stitches! Continue this pattern to the end of the first round of the square. You should now have an invisible join needles between each of the double crochet stitches.

Now it is time to start crocheting with your double crochet stitches. Begin by crocheting the first chain, which is also known as the beginning chain. Hold your yarn snugly with your hook, so that it does not slip. This is also the time to put the hook into the beginning chain five times, making sure to count the number of stitches with your fingers as well. The chain that you should use should be the same color as the yarn.

Once all stitches are completed, attach any desired finishing accessories to your creation. A great item for this particular hobby is a crochet chain purse. A lot of different styles and colors are available in various stores, both online and at your local craft stores. If you make your own, it is best to match the color of the yarn with the kind of purse you choose. There is no need to spend a lot of money on this item; it is actually quite inexpensive.